I caved. Well, it was only fair, if you think about it… I asked Franklin of the Panopticon to make a Eugene WWKIP t-shirt. Now, I had to buy one then, right? (bad knitting karma not to!)

So, I did.

But then I gave in to my urge to buy this (oh, you know you want one). Because it lessened the per item shipping cost – which is thrifty. So, I was being economical, if you think about it.

Do knitting t-shirts count as part of my knitting stash???

…’cuz if they do, I AM in trouble.

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  1. Nah. It counts as wardrobe. I decided to get the date only one (ringer T for me), as I will be stuck in a couselor workshop that day. (And by “stuck” I mean “loving every minute of it”.)

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