“I am so inept“- Italian
(providing my vocab skills aren’t completely inetto, as well)
I was a good little citizen today and responded to my jury summons, on time and as polite as possible. I really wanted to throttle someone by the end of the day – preferably a judge or lawyer for making us all stay in that room for 4 hours while they kept postponing assignments. I wasn’t the only one on edge, either.

Thank g-d I wasn’t chosen. One poor woman behind me was stuck there, even though her daughter had gone into early labor this morning! They wouldn’t let her go to the hospital! And another woman (from Florence! 1.5 hours away!) was selected for a month long grand jury term. Poor thing!

I was so glad to get out of that horrible basement (it beats the Dungeon, hands down) that I celebrated by visiting the Farmer’s Market across the street. And, do you know what I found?

Jack’s magic beans…

Seriously. Those are SUGAR SNAP PEAS(!) that are bigger than my needle chibi! I just sort of stared at the basket of them at this nice organic farm’s stall, thinking “spilled radiation, maybe?”

I wasn’t the only person who had to ponder the truth behind their plant type. “Those are sugar snap peas?” Another woman asked. When it was confirmed, I had to fight for my share, I tell you. And the nice lady proprietor gave me a quarter off, yay!

They were so yummy and juicy it was euphoric. Better than candy. (Can you totally tell I was raised on veggies?) They were gone in 5 minutes, and I bought a lot.

Best lunch I’ve had in a long while.

Classes were a blur, and I skipped out on the 2nd 1/2 of PHYS. I was in danger of falling asleep on my very nice neighbor. I got less than 6 hours of sleep last night – because of a late night political debate with Dad and then early rising, eugh. So, I raced to the pharmacy and then to the bus and just caught it. Once I was home, I fell into bed and … well, woke up when Emmos came over to have dinner (cuz I’d invited her, duh) and Dad called “Your guest is here!”

“Huh?” At which point I threw on whatever clothes were closest and wandered out in a fog, with my hair standing straight up. I must have looked ridiculous, but Emmos very kindly didn’t laugh at me.

We badgered Dad into making dinner (he’d promised his infamous tacos and tamales). After a long sit-down dinner (my family never eats quickly), Emmos and I got to the Craft Center a bit late. But, we set to work anyway. Here’s one of Emmos’ silk screens:

And, wow!, aren’t we amazed with her talent? I have been lusting after these for a bit. Bless her! I now have way cool, individual “Spinster” t-shirts.

And here’s Emmos (and C, seated) getting everything ready for us to silkscreen:

It soon became readily apparent (I HAD warned her I wasn’t awake) that I couldn’t be trusted with ink. Nope. It got everywhere. But on my clothes. I even wore crappy clothes, too. That’s just wrong.

Emmos finally adopted Mad Eye’s “Constant Vigilence” methods of supervision, cuz I needed it. Didn’t work, but it was worth a shot. At least I didn’t ruin anything. I only got ink all over the screens, myself, the counters, the sink, and the floor. Yeah.

Genius quality, I know.

But, my one achievement tonight is my insistence on using pink ink – which contrasted BEAUTIFULLY with our t-shirt’s. Even half-dead and foggy, I still have great colour sense:

Very kindly, too, the nice young lady working at the Craft Center didn’t kick us out at 10p (their closing time) and also didn’t bother us about using more than one ink colour. Woohoo! Black and pink, baby.

By 10:20, we had this loverly stack of t-shirts and patches:

I now have a t-shirt wardrobe to be the envy of any local spinner. Mission accomplished! Also, I managed to cover another fiber art on my blog, kick @ss. I think I just need to pull out some of my embroidery and take up cross-stitch, and I’ll have done everything. And, wow, at 21.

But, on further thought, I refuse to take up another hobby, so nevermind.

That’s it for today, I think.

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