Remember that Vogue pattern I was going to use as the base for my grad robes?

Yeah. Out the window, it is.

I explained my plans to V, the Costume Shop Manager, who (being diabolical) decided that Vogue just wasn’t good enough. She pulled out her Elizabethian costume book, darn her (not really). So, after 10 minutes of drooling, I agreed to borrow the book and copy the pattern for this:

Much better, much more kick @ss graduation robes, if you ask me – and less steps and pattern pieces involved, as well (double bonus!). Here’s the actual pattern:

At 1/8 scale, obviously.

J, our dear and wonderful GTF had offered to make enlarged copies of the corset pattern for me (we both gave in at the same time this afternoon), and when she saw my new robe pattern (because I asked her if she’d show me how to scale it up in the Design Lab – I LOVE Photoshop, btw) she went, “Oooh! I want a copy, too. That way I’ll have a year to make my robes perfect.”

Mwahaha. A graduation robe revolution. D also swore she’d make her own, too. yay! Progress, if you ask me.

Battling the giant printer was hell tho, (they have a 36″ wide printer, hooked up to a SPOOL of paper, bless them!), because we ran out of paper halfway thru printing out the sleeve pattern. Ray, whom I’m dubbing because he sounds exactly like Ray Romano (he does!), was veryveryveryVERY kind and spent an hour helping us subdue the beast that is that printer. J promised I’d have my pattern tomorrow.

I am so blessed to know such people. I need to make J a pie or something…

Here’s the enlarged corset pattern, to go with my lovely fabrics:

That is all. I shall now go fall into bed. Goodnight.

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