This is my absolutely favorite tree on campus:

I couldn’t get a good pic when I tried earlier – because it started to pour buckets, of course. I’ve been meaning to post a pic of this’un for weeks, since it looks so darn cool with all the baby ferns growing from it’s bark and the Spanish moss and all. Doesn’t it look like it should have a ring of mushrooms around it? Maybe a resident Driaad?


Today, I achieved “perfection” (hey, S said it, not me), on my fly-front zipper sample:

Isn’t it boo-ti-full? Especially since you can’t see the periwinkle zipper I used on it? Here’s the back, proving that I have some gift at this stuff ;)

It’s taken me 8 weeks, but my sewing skills are slowly improving. No, perfection is not enough, for those of you who I know will ask. At least I no longer fear what I shall do to my black velvet, for my grad robes.

Thank you, guys!, for your support. I think my parents think I’m insane. But, I take that as a compliment, at this point.

In other news, I am about ready to cast on the sleeves for a baby sweater I started on Wed(?) as a stress-reducer. No, it is not the Dale of Norway fair-isle sweater of doom. It’s a little cotton boucle thing that I’m making using an adapted pattern from Knitting for Two. I’ll post a pic of it later.

Also, since we’re a bit worried (in the studios) that 6 yards of velvet may just be NOT enough fabric for the robes, I’ve suggested contrasting sleeves and side gores. When I mentioned that my mom has been hoarding this beautiful gorgeous suplendiforous PERFECT jacquard fabric for, oh, 5 years and described it – D and V said “Oh! Make a DRESS! A period dress to go under the robe!”

You know, I had thought of that. And, if they came up with the same idea – without my mentioning it – it has to be a good idea, right? And, then it would match the sleeves and side gores of the robe. C’est parfait. Just imagine the Renn Faire possibilities.

I should post a pic of this fabric this weekend. It looks like it came straight out of a Medici family portrait. Dark violent, brown, and bronze interlocking ribbons. Just… drool. Maybe if I beg, Mom will let me have it – or not scream too much when I steal it. Cuz, I want it. Admittedly, I have coveted it for… 5 years? And, since she hasn’t used it and I have an active plan for it…

And, damn, if I wouldn’t look cooler than hell walking across the commencement stage in it. Esp. since my group is graduating with the Humanities and Medieval Studies majors (snickers). How perfect would that be?

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  1. Just a question. How long do you have to get all this done? I know you get a lot done in a day ( I read your blog daily) but you have a mammoth task ahead!
    I too wanted to be a Textile archaeologist ( my sister is an archaeologist in England) but we moved to Canada, when I was 14, and I didn’t have enough money to go back and study at the V & A when I was done high school. Instead I studied costume design at The National Theatre school in Montreal and have worked in Theatre for 23 years.
    If you haven’t worked with velvet before, take the time to hand baste each seam securely before you machine it, especially if it has a long pile, or it will crawl and drive you crazy.
    I’d be happy to answer any questions if you are having problems with your outfit.
    Good luck getting the jacquard, it sounds fab!

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