ooooh, Crimson is right. Are we the knit side or the purl side? But, I want Night Crawler! Maybe they could have cast another actor? Maybe?

I went to JoAnn Fabrics’ Memorial Day sale today. It was good, in a unbudgeted way. Lookie at some of my goodies:

(Okay, you have to completely exclude the yarn, black velvet and tapestry)

On the left is Curious George 100% cotton flannel (and matching grey fleece I already had, score!) for the blankie for Dy. Why knit a blankie, when I can sew one? … Sometimes it takes me a while.

In the middle back is some funky (can we say ‘retro’?) “gender neutral” cotton flannel I found ON SALE and matching polar fleece for $3/ yard!! OMG, the sewing g-ds love me ;) I have no idea if this’ll be a blanket for the baby, or just a family one for them all. I also found coordinating cherry red blanket tape to edge it with. On top of the pile is a 10″, seperable zipper for the baby sweater.

In front of the middle pile is the baby fabrics I already got to make a crib blanket-thingy with.

And, then, to the right is my black velvet and jacquard cloth for my graduation robes. I also found matching organza ribbon for embellishment purposes and GINGHER scissors (yay!). I bought the feather-weights, since experience with everyone else’s standard dressmaker’s scissors has taught me that I can’t use anything too heavy.

We have to leave for the Serenity Lane Memorial Day Bar-B-Que in a mo’…

Need to find something to knit.


  1. Your puck pants are both in a photo and mentioned in a write-up in this week’s Eugene Weekly. Just thought you’d like to know.

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