Because I have an obsession with edification…

sigh Audio pronunciation of "sigh" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (s)
v. sighed, sigh·ing, sighs
v. intr.

    1. To exhale audibly in a long deep breath, as in weariness or relief.
    2. To emit a similar sound: willows sighing in the wind.
  1. To feel longing or grief; yearn: sighing for their lost youth.

oy. being running around like a lunatic all darn day, and didn’t actually get that much accomplished. how on earth does that work?

I got up early to help Dad cut some of mom’s roses to make a bouquet for her. Her rose bushes are, of course, flourishing now that she’s in recovery. I haven’t even been dead-heading them or anything. They’re like weeds. Just amazing…

I ended up missing ANTH because of the bouquet gathering extravaganza – 3 spiders, ewwewweww. Just… eeww. I actually threw a rose into another bed when a spider jumped off of it. Dad was a bit pissy over that. But, we found it in the end.

At the office today, I managed to get to the underarm of the Spencer knit. So, I’ve now cast on one of the sleeves. Progress pix later, when I’m past the bell.

Then, after an interesting PHYS lecture, D and I headed over the the Dungeon. Where I beset V, about steeking the baby sweater. Mwahahaha! She was a bit wary of steeking cotton. But, I am insane (and so is she). So, after sewing down both sides of the front twice each (I’m not stupid) – I cut the steek. And, D filmed it to forever memorialize this momentious occassion and all that:

After serging the two front edges, I sewed the zipper in on each side (2x – again, insane not stupid) and then zig-zagged over that. D’s idea actually. After all that, the sweater looked fabulous (to me, anyway). It’s featured open and closed to the left and right…

C’est parfait!

D and I tried to get dinner, but found that all our fav restaraunts were closed! Even Alexander’s – and I would have killed for a falafel at that point. Seriously. Would have. We ended up at Barry’s – and their sandwiches are killer, guys. Yumyum. I was, of course, then pestered by a squirell.

Okay. How come the squirell left D alone (the vegetarian!) but bugged me incessantly? Prolly sensed that I’m weak against furry creatures. I gave it a walnut from my cookie. After that, it actually crawled onto my backpack and begged for more food. True to squirrell idiocy – it completely missed the second walnut I tried to feed it (a crow snatched it up) and wouldn’t eat a bit of tomato or cucumber. Picky animal. After that it kept circling around us, begging for food.

The squirrells on campus are way too tame. Of course, I am partially to blame for this (and don’t even deny it.)

When we returned to the Dungeon, I got to work on my grad robes. Well, adapting the pattern (it was for an Elizabethian 12-yr-old, oy) and ironing my fabric. Eventually, I got all my fabric onto a roll:

And J, our wonderful GTF, stored it for me in a safe place (bless her! I so need to make her cookies or something…)

When Dad picked me up this evenning (it was late and getting dark and all), he informed me that I had TWO packages waiting for me at home. Rejoicing in this, I bounced into the house and immediately attacked the envelope and let Dad open the box (he has a deep-seated love of his pocket-knife that none of us bother with, honestly).

The envelope was from CafePress. And, hahahaha. Hahahaha. The invoice was correct, anyway. But, look at what they sent:

The Dolores t-shirt fits perfectly, btw. But, since I live in EUGENE, a PORTLAND tank top is a bit… worthless. Yeah. I’ve emailed them and all. It even says on the paper invoice: “Eugene” (there’s a little picture of what the clothing is supposed to look like). I just rolled my eyes, and called customer service. I’m hoping they can get it all fixed by the 10th.

What do you want to bet that someone in Portland is looking at a WWKIP EUGENE tank top?

What ARE the odds?

But, my other package cheered me up lots and lots:

It’s my Fibre Stash Swap package!! So pretty! Tons of dyed Merino, Polswarth, Moorit, etc. AND, my lovely swap partner included a felted pouch (wow! look at the details on those flowers!) and a little coin purse (too cute!). I think I’m going to make a skein of many colours. How cool would that be? I need to post this to Craftster…

Bed time is soon, thank g-d.

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  1. Eek! A steeking video! (That was kind of scary to watch, I must admit.)

    I got a CafePress envelope in the mail the other day (well, and I got some buttons yesterday). Today I decided to wear my “date only” WWKIP Day shirt. I want to see if anyone will notice …

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