For more reasons than I can count. But, I can show you a couple for our mutual entertainment…

Tonight, while mocking up my robes – you’ll never, ever, ever guess what I did. I’m still a bit bemused by this, myself.

I sewed thru the plastic head of one of my pins. Not only this (wow, my aim was bad), but it didn’t break the pin-head OR the machine’s needle. It just sewed it to my mock up:

How on earth…?

I left it in. I have a feeling I’ll be making another mock-up tomorrow, just so I don’t have to cut it out. D suggested I frame and hang it on my wall. I had to, at the very least, take a pic of it. Which is one of the reasons I LOVE my camera (and it’s macro lens).

After sewing thru a pin, I realised that I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a sewing machine for the rest of the evenning. Too distracted by labs, mean feedback (thank you, Peninah and theBon! I feel better now), and life in general.

Oh. And, yes, I talked to my Mom tonight. She liked the bouquet I put together for her.

In the end, I resized my corset pattern. I had to add ELEVEN inches to the bust (and that’s after subtracting gap and reduction!). ELEVEN. And (joy) eight to the waist. Damn, that woman was tiny. Honest to g-d, who has a 28 inch bust?

It’s so mortifying to be measured for these things. Every time I think I’ve come to terms with my figure, things like this make me confront my self-image issues.


After being kicked out of the Dungeon, cuz it was 9p, I waited OUTSIDE in the DARK for 40 mins. Because… well, many reasons. Simply enough, my ride was veryveryvery late.

I learned several things from this:

  1. always keep your cellphone charged
  2. an iPod truly is your best friend
  3. taking pix of your surroundings is a GREAT way to distract yourself (another reason I love my digicam)…

  4. and, I think I still need therapy.

It’s become apparent to me that I am still quite afraid of adult males of the homo sapiens variety (several assualts and years of sexual harassment will do that). Hell, I tense up when left alone with male classmates. I thought I had dealt with it, but it has become obvious during this term that I haven’t. I know, logically, that my fear is neither ungrounded nor unnecessary. But, I also know from personal experience that all men are not rapists.

So, that’s another thing on my list of things To Deal With, as well.

Now, I think I want to go to bed and not deal with anything for a while.

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  1. {{HUGS}} for many many reasons. and i routinely sew through everything.. except the fabric. there are several reasons my singer is in pieces. the main being that neither hubby nor i are mech-e’s he’s CE and i’m CS. *sigh* … i’m just as dangerous with a handsewing project.

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