I cannot even accept that it is past midnight already. AND, that this is the first chance I’ve had to check my email or anything all day.

Time really does fly when you are having fun, I guess. Or, running around like mad, anyway.

Umm. Today. Yes. What happened today? A lot, I guess. I got my tailoring assignment for TA411 done. I cut out ALL the pieces for my robes mock-up and finished up the yoke. I ALSO made a corset mock-up. Mwahahaha. Apparently, I have “won” the corset mock-up contest.

Wow. I feel special. Here it is:

I should have had someone take a pic when L laced me in earlier, but we had other things on our minds. I made it out of a pair of old Calvin Klein cordy’s I had kicking around that never fit right – no, actually, I don’t have a 40″ inseam (mutters). But, they did make a kick@ss mockup. Or, would have, had they not been made of stretch cord. STRETCH. Eww. How did I not notice that? Oh,well. We can’t know if my pattern will fit right or not, so I need to make another mock-up.

But, anyway, the reason they rocked is I actually managed to preserve the slant pockets and put the inseam at the mid-bust line. So, I promise to get a pic later, when it’s finished. I plan on putting a huge, honking metal zipper in the back and possible belt straps on the shoulders. We’ll see.

In other news, I managed to give myself a cool 2nd degree burn. It looks like some sort of ancient hieroglyph. I’ll pic it later. Maybe someone can translate it.

After all that, L and D and I went to see The Sex Habits of American Women (mostly because J, our GTF, was the costume designer). Well, we got dinner before at Cosmic. Yum. And, I ran into ‘Leda there, coolies. Here’s the theater/ stage at the Lord Leebrick:

And L and D marvelling/ pondering why J credited them as stitchers…

And, since it was D’s 21st birthday, L and I took her for a cake at the Sweet Life. The cake was, of course, a committee decision – we managed to agree on vegan triple chocolate… And, D having blown out her candle (we had to search all over the patisserie for someone with a lighter):

And the very nice lady working there, even wrote out Happy Birthday D on it. How sweet is that? Twas cool. We were finally kicked out at 11, because the nice patisserie workers wanted to go home and sleep and stuff.

Pikers :P

And, wow!, look what Crimson alerted me to!:

…for your animated pleasure:

Now I just have to figure out what side I am and put it on my sidebar. Any votes?

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