If this post doesn’t alert you to my level of sleep deprivation, I suggest you examine your lifestyle closely…

Today’s intarsia workshop went well, in that I didn’t confuse the two people who showed up and that they managed intarsia. Woohoo to me! Here are Mika and Ems (Ems had started the doggy jacket last week, w/o [erm] reading up on intarsia first). Now, I’m all for self-starters (heck, I taught myself intarsia, fair isle, lace and assorted other techniques from books. But, it’s good (as Ems learned ) to check out suggested techniques before starting a project.

Just a thought. It turned out okay. And, the bumps should block out. And, even if they don’t, it’s going to be worn by a dog. I doubt the canine’ll care.

So, here we all are, knitting away (well, Ems was putting in a zipper and weaving in her ends). Do you see our little friend from last night?

And here’s my teaching sample. I whipped it up an hour before the class started (hahaha), so there’re a fair few mistakes in it. But, it worked and all.

I did recieve a call from one over-wrought knitter/ student, wondering if she could schedule some time with me on intarsia later. As for the others, I have NO CLUE where they were. The weather outside was a bit frightful. (shrugs).

After that I went to a Peace Corps potluck I found out about this morning. I got to meet local returned volunteers, other prospectives, etc. And, the food was yummy. I loooooove Basmati rice. Could live off of it. In fact, I did in Paris (but that’s another topic).

Very educational. It’s only strengthened my desire. Which surprised my dad a bit, but whatever.

I’m ready to start Sakura’s arm-holes again, so we’ll see how that goes. Maybe I should recite a Shmah or something before hand. Oy.

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