Okay. I have decided, I am on the Purl Side. Make what you will of that.

Even tho Crimson and I are still working on the X-Files/ knitting thingies, she’s put me onto Harry Potter/ knitting ideas. And, NOT Molly Weasley. Mwahahaha. Crimson also sent me this info:

Greek “Clotho” shirt. This product is sold via Zazzle and is available on a black or dark-colored shirt only. Zazzle prices may vary due to changes you are allowed to make to shirt colors and sizes. Click here to visit The AntiCraft Zazzle store.Just… sigh. I need to make a Clotho patch for my spinning wheel bag now. I was totally gearing up to make it sassy, and now I have another patch to add ;)

Oh, here’s some of today’s progress:

Originally uploaded by fyberduck.

I finished sakura’s back (yes!) and, erm, bought Knitting in the Old Way. It… well. I got it 10% off? Sigh. I have such a book problem, I know. But, it was too cool not to buy! It has formulas to make sweater patterns from around the world!

I am regretting buying the Dale of Norway book a bit now, since this’un has all the Norwegian colourwork patterns and how to put them into your own sweater. It’s… wow! And, it’s the newest edition (drool).

I admit it, I’ve been craving this book for a while, and had to get it. And, it’s my monthly book. Right. There I go. I always end up buying myself a new book at the beginning of the month. It’s habit. And, educational and stuff.

Right. Moving on. I got the box pleats on my grad robes mock-up finished this afternoon. Everyone ooh’d and aah’d over how cool they looked. I waited for J, our GTF, to print out the front pattern piece for nigh an hour before giving into exhaustion and going home. I’m planning on bringing the velvet and jacquard in on wednesday, provided I get the robes done tomorrow.

I have to admit, I am a bit awed by the number of emails I’m getting from knitters around the world about my blog. Thank you, everyone, for all your support and encouragement! I promise, I’m trying to respond to all the emails I get.

I still haven’t managed to translate my nifty new burn yet. L and D think the iron is trying to communicate with us. So far, it could be:

? – “i” – ?
“b” – “i” – “st” – if you look at it mirrorwise
“st” – “i”/ or the symbol for “plant” – the symbol for “leg” or for “plural”

I think I’m goin’ w/ “bist” … I’ll try and find a definition for that later.

In other news, another package arrived from CafePress today. No, it is not my Eugene WWKIP day tank top. It IS a tank top. A small, “Spin Doctorz” DJ tank top.

I guess it’s Fate that I shan’t have a WWKIP shirt after all. Must be my punishment for, err, borrowing Frank’s artistic skillz. ahwell.

I asked for a refund and have offered to send the offending garment back, along with the Portland one as well, if they so wish. Whatever, at this point.

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