Okay, first things first…

Happy Birthday Crimson!

and Happy Birthday Vonnie!

Amazing, isn’t it, how two knitting bloggers were born on the same day 23 years ago? Weird.

I finally remembered to email Woodland today (thank you, Opus). Maybe a year ago, I was offered a job there. I was told that if I was still interested later, to contact them in order to see if they still needed staffers. So, hey. It’d be a nice break. But, I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve been told by return PC volunteers that it can take up to a year and a half to place you in the Corps, so I need to get a job in the meantime. And, then I’ll have some money saved up and stuff. Or, maybe get to pay off part of my student loans.

Oh, and my Top Ten Things To Do Before Graduating:

  1. finish my graduation robes
  2. finish my silk corset
  3. submit my application to the Peace Corps
  4. find a JOB
  5. kill UOREGON email
  6. pawn the Guild off on some unsuspecting knitter
  7. plot out world domination
  8. finish minty baby set
  9. party and/or drink myself senseless once
  10. survive the next two weeks

Maybe I’ll get 1/2 of them done? If I’m lucky.

I forgot Avian Flight’s package AGAIN. I am so braindead. I feel like such an idiot right now.

And, finallyfinallyfinally!, the Sexy Knitters Club picked a pattern I can do! The Tempting II KAL starts on July 1st. Can’t wait. I need to find yarn for it.

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