my brains are dripping out of my ears.

I cut out all the pieces for my graduation robes (except for the sleeves and collar) tonight. And let me tell you, there is nothing (NOTHING!) more harrowing than cutting rayon micro velvet (except maybe silk). I nearly had a panic attack at the thought. Especially since I only had enough velvet to begin with to make the robes. If I screwwed up… eeww.

But, I didn’t. I also didn’t take pix, because cutting into velvet for FOUR HOURS (my feet, my feet, my feet) seemed too important to ruin my concentration by taking a break for anything. I did allow myself two 3-mins breaks and one bathroom run. I’m not that much of a masochist.

By 8:30 tonight, I had everything (but the sleeves and collar) cut out and was being kicked out of the studio by V.

I was only too happy to go.

Um. Lemme see, what else happened today? I made photocopies of my corset pattern. I plan on having one set laminated (and possibly enshrined) for later use. The other set will go into my next two corsets. I figure, waste not want not ;) And who wouldn’t want two fitted Victorian corsets?

I also finished the minty baby hat today in PHYS. It seems a little big. Maybe one of the baby’s moms can wear it (and match the baby, whatever). Or, maybe D (the baby’s big bro) can wear it. I threw the set Sakura, and my corset silk into the washer about 15 mins ago.

Provided I don’t collaspe from exhaustion in the next hour, I may just find out if all those cotton and silk things shrank.

Must check email.

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