For Sunflowerfairy:

My 10 favorite “M” words:

  1. Merino. My favorite wool, ever.
  2. Maryland. Where I was born and raised.
  3. Morocco. The country I want to be assigned to if I’m accepted to the Peace Corps.
  4. Minoan. My favortite Greek culture.
  5. Mogen David. The “star of David.” Because I wear mine as often as I can w/o destroying it.
  6. Maple. The wood my spinning wheel, favorite spindles, and distaff are made of.
  7. Medieval. The clothing, the art, and the history just rock.
  8. Madeleine L’engle. The first author my sister started me reading.
  9. Mercury. Fav ‘Roman’ g-d and the planet I want to visit most.
  10. McKintosh. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name. An ancient family of stewards from the Inverness area. I identify with them the most out of my father’s family.

Here’s the natural coutille I’m in the middle of marking and cutting out for one of my corsets. The one with the printed canvas cover and no busk, for those of you in the know…

I ran into Sandra at Serenity Lane today. She works there, it turns out. That was… fun. And slightly embarassing. Tho, I don’t know why. I guess I’m worried she’ll either act weird or pity me or something. I just want to pretend nothing happened, I think. I was kind of frozen while she and my mother made conversation.


Um. Right. Gonna cut out the natural tonight and maybe sew it. Think I’ll try and mark up the white tonight or tomorrow.

WWKIP day was a complete and total bust. It didn’t help that it was cloudy and threatening to rain all day. By about 1 p, K and I decided we’d had enough of the tempermental weather (it’s JUNE, not MARCH! where’s my sun???) and went to out respective homes early – I actually got rained on twice (Yahoo! said no rain today…).

Of course, I recieved a call from another knitter as I got home, asking where we were. (sigh)

Just one of those days, I guess.

I wore Sakura. It looks like a baby-doll shirt rather than a grecian tank. Ahwell. I got tons of compliments on it, so I guess it doesn’t look too ridiculous. Maybe I’ll get someone to take a decent pic later.

I’m gonna go attack that natural coutille with scissors now.


  1. I didn’t know the Star of David was also called the Mogen David. I married Jewish (by culture) but I guess I’ve got a lot of learning yet to do still.

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