That’ll teach me to take a nap at 8 p.

I got the back of my velvet robes pleated and basted, then pinned to the yoke (which I also finished). L’s honor’s thesis defencse was today. She passed, congrats to her :D

My connexion went out when I last tried to write today’s entry, so I’ve forgotten most of it.

Sakura fits nicely now. I need to do a shrink swatch to figure out the ratios in order to make a multi-size pattern.

I recieved another email from TD&T, they’ve found images and will send them to me for confirmation. All they need now is the grammer explanation and in depth definitions. Hurrah :D

For my “oh, that’s cool” part of this post- it turns out Jodie, the designer of the Saturday Market Bag on Magknits actually is on my Guild’s mailing list. I’m thinking that fab pink handspun my One Skein partner sent me would be parfait for it. Possibly. I’m also debating the merits of a coat of many colours – I am awash in jewel-tone yarns and rovings now (yay!) and crave a spinning/ knitting projects. Suggestions are welcome ;)

WWKIP day is actually right now, haha. Have to be at the EL at 12. Should try and get some sleep now.

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