It’s getting cold in here! I am actually sitting here in my Inverness raglan, I am that cold. Too weird.

Today… hmm, early trauma with a gigantic spider made me run a bit late. I also spent waaaay too much money today on food. Went out to eat twice. It’s all D’s fault, too ;) First it was Glenwood and then Perugino’s. To be honest, I was unimpressed by Perugino’s. Overpriced for what we got and then we had to wait our tables – and I dropped close to $20 there for dinner.

Anyway. Not doing that again, sorry D. But Madame Defarge’s knitters just aren’t enough to tempt me there regularly. Tho, I did promise to come back with at least pictures of my finished grad robes and corsets.

Speaking of corsets…

Look at how far L is on hers!

Also, here’re my robes thus far…

(this doll is a HEAD[!] taller than me, so rest assured that the robes drag and billow appropriately on me, the way Elizabethians intended ;P)

Box-pleated in place. Tomorrow I plan on sewing them down and getting onto the bias-tape for the bindings and cutting out the sleeves. Also, I need to get the steels done for my corsets. Oh, and tomorrow’s my PHYS exam…

Might want to study for that, as well. D and I can do that before it, in the studio. Yay.

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