We’ve officially fulfilled every requirement for constructing a Masterpiece in the Dungeon, now.

Blood. I’ve already bled on my robes twice already. Thank g-d that none of it shows on the front of the black velvet. I’ve managed to poke more holes in my hands than a cheese grater. T also added to the blood count last night when she cut her hand open spectacularly with her scissors. This threw V into a bit of a first-aid rush-panic. Between the two of us, T and I have lost maybe a full quart of blood.

Sweat. Because the A/C works haphazardly when it chooses, in a room with 2 irons ALWAYS on we’re always a bit warm. I also made the mistake of wearing a 3/4 sleeve T today. I wasn’t the only one, it was cold outside. We were all a bit drippy, if you looked too closely. The fact that our final projects are due tomorrow didn’t help, I bet.

Tears. Poor D broke down today. She had sewn in the hooked side of her spoon busk into her corset wrong, TWICE. Ieee. It didn’t help that the busk was 2″ too short to begin with. Oy. She had to leave for a while, and looked a bit strained by the end of the day. We gave her a ride home, since she looked exhausted enough to fall off her bike.

So, Charlie and I sat in the back of the truck. Here he is, balancing on the balloon-like bag protecting my evolving robes:

It was too cute not to photograph. The robes are going well. I have the armholes completely bound off. I’m onto the shoulder crescents, front and hem trim, and sleeves. Getting closer and closer. Needed a break before I looked at it again.

But!, adding to my glee… when I got home, look what was waiting for me!:

My package from Eula! We did a personal swap – I sent her a intermediate/ advanced spinning kit and she sent me a knitting purse (I requested something similiar to this, but less ridiculous), a crocheted DUCK, a teddy change purse, a hand-made photo album, and crocheted cozies :D Too cool!

I am MADLY in love with this purse, guys… She made it more than 14″ long, so I could fit straights in, put in pockets all around the inside, for tools and stuff – and it’s PINK!!!:

OMG. I LOVE this purse. It’s just too cool. I love the fabric. I love everything about it. I’m taking it to campus with me… and the duck. The duckie is my new best friend ;)

Did I mention that my iPod also fits into one of the pockets? (does little dance). This totally made my day.

In other news, Mum and Dad and I trekked all over town today trying to find the PERFECT ribbon/ cord/ whatever to match my robes for the trim. It took us a while, but we did it! I found, on the bottom rack in the back room of a local boutique, an exact match for the gold in the tapestry – it’s old fashioned twisted gold cording. Perfectly accurate, and looks great.

Thank g-d. I’m going to eat something, veg in front of the TV, and then work on my robes.

Ooooh, I need to send a thank-you note to Eula. Oh!, and one to my One Skein Swap partner (she sent me a sweet letter recently). I can’t wait to graduate, I will have to be less scatter-brained, then.


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