Wow. Now I really know I was stressed. After realising that I was truly, finally, free I made dinner, cleaned the front room, and pulled out my spinning wheel.

Not only did I pull out my baby, which I haven’t touched in (egad) weeks?, but I also pulled out some dyed top I’ve dreaded spinning since I dyed it:

Eight oz of my very own hand-dyed bombyx silk top

I dyed it at one of the Guild’s one shot workshops last year, and feared touching it afterwards. The stuff is worth close to $4/oz – I had a healthy fear of wasting/ ruining it. Tonight I overcame that obstacle and started on it. I think I got maybe 3 oz spun.

Here’s it on the bobbin:

I think I’m going to leave it in the singles (plying hand-dyed is a pain, and plying silk is worse) and go from there. It’s approximately a sport weight, maybe fingering, right now. I’m thinking it’d make a great shawl.

It’s completely irregular in the colour changes, since I’m spinning it from the fold to contain it. It also has random bumpies, since I’m into a low stress mood. I love it :D

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