Well, not really. I’m “zealous, eager” in nearly everything I do. Except cleaning, but that’s normal.

But, as you have guessed (correctly! Vonnie and Blair :D), I have GRADUATED!!!

This warrants running around the house shrieking, to be sure, but I’m blogging currently and will get to that later. I promise ;)

So. I’m sure you’ve guessed that my parents obsessively took pictures of the ceremony. Which was wonderfully short, intimate, and fun. Much better than any other Commencement I’ve ever been to, honestly. Of course, only the graduates and faculty understood half of the jokes, but that’s normal I guess. Actually, I think my parents got a bunch of ’em, too. Anyway, here be the pix…

L and I being seated. This was before my mother figured out how my digicam works…

Here’s Prof J speaking before handing out the diploma holders:
[Sadly, we graduates don’t get our diplomas for another month (pout)]
And, here I am walking up to get my holder and handshakes:
I have to admit, at this point I was so focused on not tripping on my robes that I didn’t hear anything anyone said. And, I shook hands with a total stranger. Whatever, over and done with.
And coming back down (this is mostly to show off my robes):

Did I mention that I had my knitting with me the entire time? It certainly amused everyone around me. Guess where I hid it? In my sleeves ;D They make the perfect pouches!

(… pink alpaca lace, hidden in my left sleeve – can you see it?)

And here’s the obligatory family portrait:

And a portrait of L and I before she had to run off to her History Dept Commencement:

Funnily enough, my mother and Prof J tried to corner each at the same time for photographs. Prof J got a pic of my mom and I, and mum got a pic of Prof J, Prof W and I…
(I think they both thought the other was insane, but whatever)

As you can guess, my robes were quite the hot topic. I got so many stares, gasps, and “wow! great robes!” to be very cheered. Especially since I hadn’t finished the bloody thing and was running on 5 hours of sleep (strangely similiar to my Bat Mitzvah). I still need to put on the crescents, cording, finish the cap, and line the darn thing. Profs J and W were sufficiently impressed, Prof W even mentioned in his speech that he had been wrong in his statement that our degrees were worthless – since I had managed to use mine to make my robes (and which point I ‘whoop!’d’, but that’s another story). I (and my textile fascination) was mentioned in his speech a couple of times, which tickled my parents pink.

Lemme see… we actually had beautiful weather – something completely unexpected after two weeks of dreary unseasonable rain.

Oh!, I was announced as being a Classical Civilization major with a Latin minor. Wow! I’m done! I fulfilled all of my requirements! I can’t believe I got both!

My fingers are getting numb from typing, so I’m stopping now. I need to get to work on polishing that article, finishing my resume, and finding a part time job. Oh, and reading my email (cringe). I have 54 unread emails in my gmail inbox, alone. I haven’t had proper time to read/answer my email in… 2 weeks? I’ll get on that soon, I promise!

Thank you, everyone!


  1. The weather was beautiful, your robes look lovely, although I have to point out that the recent rain is not unseasonable at all [says my fiance who has lived here all his life.] Congrats on the graduating!

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