Ooh, Sachi, I like your thinking :D I found this pattern, searching for different multidirectional scarf patterns. And this one (which looks like this). And, saving the best for last, this one (is this the pattern you used, Sachi?). I like the idea, but it also made me think knitting another entrelac scarf would be cool. But, there is also the fact that I should broaden my horizons by knitting something new. Too many options ;)

If I figure out a way to make an owl, Emmos, I promise to share it with you. Now, I just have to figure out a way to make one.

Mum and Dad have gone camping and will be gone until Thursday. Charlie, our dog, is completely forlorn since he got left behind. If my brother and I were different people, we would be throwing a rave about now. Alas, I hate huge parties. And cleaning up after them even more.

I’m making progress on the polka-dot shrug. Okay, it’s really eyelet lace, but the pattern makes me think of polka-dots. I started spinning up an alpaca/angora mix I dyed and blended on my carder a while ago. It looks amazing, if I do say so myself. Kind of tweedy and it has a fantastic halo. I’m going to ply it with matching superwash merino I dyed to give the yarn stability. I should, provided my memory remains intact, have 2lbs of very lush yarn at the end of this for a sweater. Yumyumyum.

I’m also working on my article (I am! I remembered!) and trying to get a resume together. May the Lord take mercy on me. I’m also looking for a PT job. Oy.

Oh, Black Sheep Gathering is this weekend. I’m volunteering in the Wool Show. Drop by and visit!


  1. Hiya! I actually used this so you made a good guess. The alternative instructions for ending were appealing. I used needles that were far too big. I think I used #9 on the silk. My SIL asked specifically for a short, fat scarf.

    But I loved the pattern so much I made a scarf for DH too out of Odyssey. Pic 1 pic 2

    Let me know if you want me to check the needle size and I’ll go dig out my journal.

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