And I am NOT allowed to go shopping, except for a charka and maybe a new McMorran Yarn Balance, at BSG. Do you hear me, guys? I am NOT! Allowed. To. Go. Shopping.

If you have any love for me, you’ll stop me.

Why? Because I just bought 6 balls of sock yarn and a book from Knit Picks. But, it’s for the K/S/C swap! I got three colours I KNOW AV will love (cuz she put them in her fav colour combos list) and a book that, erm, has been singing, oh, so sweetly (like Homer’s Sirens) to me for weeks – Here Be Wyverns.

I am so weak, I know. I also can use the rest of the sock yarn to make socks for my mum and sister (cuz the colours also go on their fav colour combo lists). And, I bought six balls of yarn – that’s enough for 3 pairs. Or, bloody well should be.

I’m planning on doing a Fair Isle band below the cuff (good practice before I tackle that sweater set!) and maybe a giant, honking cable down the middle. Sounds good to me.


  1. Damn you. Damn you, I say! I’d never seen that book before you pointed it out! ARGH!!! I’m in the middle of the Odyssey audio book. I’m trying to talk myself out of the new Knit Picks interchangeable needles for chrissake!!!! Hrumph!

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