My crafting achievement for the day:

Casting on and knitting over 14″ of multidirectional diagonal scarf-age

I think it looks glorious, and have a feeling I’ll be fighting to keep it all the way. Nevermind that NO ONE in my family wears scarves unless I remind them, someone will just die if they don’t get it. It’s so soft and has the gauziest drape. I think I might have enough yarn to make another one, so someone might get a one. Maybe. I might want matching armwarmers ;)

Just teasing.

Other achievements include finishing the first batch of intensive editting on my article and making my brother take Charlie to the dog park. Charlie, as neurotic as ever in his own cute way, was bouncing off the walls when we tried to get a leash onto him. Too much excitement for the little blond mutt, I guess.

Currently, I’m trying to decide between knitting/ or spinning so more or getting to bed early so I can wake up early in order to make it to my interview tomorrow. I have to figure out how to get there… iee.

I love socks, lace, and all sorts of ‘traditional’ knitting subjects. I studied Classics and textile history (independent minor) at Uni and have a love of anything ancient. That said, I also like to mix it up with modern shapes and silhouettes, often with a little tradition thrown in for fun.


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