Or, a good one. We couldn’t decide who was who. Mum stated that we were both evil, because we were teasing her about Japanese historical time periods and the letter “b” – er, it’d be difficult to explain.


Last night, I informed my parents that I was going to volunteer to help set up for the BSG Wool Show at the Wheeler Pavilion today. Mum, of course, volunteered to help. Since I knew they’re chronically understaffed, I agreed. She then told everyone at the morning meeting about it, and one of the other members mentioned that her daughter might be interested.

As, hahaha, her daughter was a recent college grad from UW and had a double major in classics and history and focused on textile archaeology/ conservation. Not only that, but M (my evil twin) also knits, spins, weaves, etc. She also had similar costume construction experience and does SCA. It became apparent what our relationship was when after 4 hours of talking about everything fibers, we got into an energetic manga/ anime conversation over dinner.

So, back to the story, we went and picked her up this afternoon and entered the salt mines of BSG. My feet were soooo sore by 5. But!, we had this beautiful layout to congratulate ourselves with:

If you squint while looking at the lower left corner, you can see Mum working as a clerk. Once they found out that Mum had bookkeeping experience, they put her to work entering fleece codes and information.

So, at 5-something we decided we were too achy, tired, and starving to continue. I begged to go and visit Morgaine/ Carolina Homespun quickly before grabbing food. And, thank goodness!, I asked if they had a charka and they did! Only the ONE, but they put it aside for me to buy tomorrow (woot!). We also drooled over their other wares, but finally made ourselves leave.

We headed to Glenwood. There was NO parking nearby, so we parked at the Smith Family lot, promising ourselves we’d visit them after eating. Riiiight. We had the sloooooooooooooowest waiter in the history of mankind. It took an HOUR AND A HALF to get out of there.

By which time Smith was closed, and their parkling lot was locked down like Alkatraz:

With our car still inside. Fan-tabulous. When I called Dad about this, Mum and M and I burst into giggles over the ridiculousness of the situation. It took me a good 5 – 10 minutes to explain to Dad that we weren’t locked out of the car, but the parking lot.

Oy. M took a bus home, and Mum and I tried to do the same, but ended up calling for a ride. The whole situation was beyond ridiculous. I can’t even think of an adjective to describe it.

So, Mum and Dad are heading over to Smith early tomorrow, to make sure the van doesn’t get towed.

I’m gonna go knit.

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