We made it over to BSG at, like, 2 or 3 today. Mostly because I spent a large hunk of this morning re-editing my paper and harassing my father into editing it faster. He admited to being quite impressed by it, which made me feel a bit better. But,(finally!) the paper is sent in, and hopefully it will not require any further editing.

If I were Christian, I’d cross my fingers about now.

Anyway, Mum and I headed over to BSG (oh!, she and Dad got the van back w/o any trouble) and I went straight away to get my charkha after Mum and I got a couple more BSG tank tops. The cute and comfy and I always get a reaction when I wear ’em. And!, they had 2 new colours this year (rejoicing) – lavendar and slate blue.

We wandered thru the boothes quickly since I’m going thru with Emmos and Devona tomorrow, and because my mother has the attention span of a gnat. Honestly. Then, we went to the animal show – sheep, goats and bunnies. Too cute!

I had found out earlier that the alpaca show WAS being held this year at the same time (it wasn’t before, because of the whole E. Coli thing), so we went over there. I took a ton of pix, mostly because Mum would stand still for the alpacas (she’s madly in love with them, a slightly terrifying truth). And!, hurrah for me, I didn’t buy any fiber today. Onto the pix.

Even tho blurry, this pic stands on it’s own…

alpacas are too expressive ;)
Here’s the above little dude (male cria) being cooed to by Mum:

And the owner(?) of Morning Sun Alpacas showing off Roco Star in all his unshorn glory:

He didn’t like being photographed and squirmed a lot, so all I got were some blurry pix of him:
(little pill)
Here’s a much better behaved baby…

(who’s name I’ve forgotten, but it started with a B)
He even let Mum pet him a bit:

…making him easily our favorite of the lot.

Who watched us in the same manner I tend to eye spiders…

Little “B” was even more cuddly with someone he liked.


… and kisses:

May I just mention how alpacas have the softest noses ever? There’s nothing like being cuddled by an alpaca. Truly. It’s a shame they’re so shy. Make getting an alpaca kiss even more special, I suppose.

I promise to get some pix of BSG, general, tomorrow. On my honor. Also, here’s a pic of my charkha – which I have NO IDEA how to work:

I need to google that.

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  1. Maybe I’ll run into you tomorrow, I’ll be there with a couple of friends of mine. I’ll be the one with the black and white glasses…Unless I’m wearing my sunglasses, in which case I won’t be. :)

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