I actually stayed close to my limit today! I spent, lemme see, $12.25 over my budget. Which is an amazing achievement for me. Maybe in a year or two, I’ll be able to shop under budget ;)

I got some of the white yak down today, too, Bon! Isn’t is fabulous? I got 4 oz to make a lace shawl. I also got 2 oz of buff baby camel down. And some mystery fiber (well, I and the vendor know what it is) for one of my swap partners, teehee. I also got one jumbo Lendrum bobbin and two more regular ones. Ooooh, I can do 6-ply, should I ever be struck with madness (I have a 6-bobbin lazy kate, btw).

Emmos, her b/f Argvaark (don’t ask), and I wandered about with Em’s relatives (some of whom are alpaca breeders) at BSG and I believe a good time was had by all. I hope so, anyway.

When I got home, my Ancient Cultures Swap package was waiting for me… In which it contained a Minoan jewelry box, Minoan greeting cards and a poster (which isn’t shown, it refused to photograph well), Greek toesie rings, and a peacock bookend (CC said it was to represent Hera, good researcher):

I personally love the jewelry box the most, here’s a close up of the Greek keys and Minoan maidens on the back:

I MUST remember to post it all on Craftster. Oh!, and another thing to post:

I finished the silk multidirectional diagonal scarf tonight! I have no idea as to it’s measurements, but it’s at least 5″ wide and maybe 50 – 60″ long. I’ll figure out who gets it later. Because I couldn’t stand the thought of knitting another one (I have this inability to knit anything in pairs, Sachi) that I started another scarf with the other skein of the same yarn tonight, only in entrelac. The pix didn’t turn out well, so I’ll post that laters.

Oh, and Peninah and Sachi – don’t you know that I exist as the physical embodiement of Spinning Temptation? I’m loving the charkha still, and am soooo very close to having a bobbin-full, yay.


  1. LOL! Yay finished scarf! Even though you can’t knit in pairs LOL, I seem to not be able to get enough of this pattern. Mainly because it looks so much trickier than it is and I keep finding yarn that would be perfect for it. Which, BTW would totally include your silk! Except for Entrelac, I couldn’t imagine any pattern better suited to show off these colors!!!

  2. :D awesome. I have my mum looking for cigar boxes for me. I love that you are the Temptation of spinning. And all fibers. Mazel tov on staying close to budget. I did pretty well this past week so I might allow myself back to seaport tomorrow and buy some roving… [but can i *ONLY* buy roving?!] I really want to go to the yarn tree but they don’t open until 5:30 pm. well, we’ll see. if I can be good… :D we’re going to Vegas next week and I want to have some money left for that. ;P

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