It’s after 2a, I shouldn’t have to think right now. But, I knew if I didn’t post this, I never would. I didn’t get much knitting done today, no progress on the sox at all. Because, oh yeah, tomorrow today is the 4th. Woohoo. And all that. I got to bed late last night and slept late today. But, I went to thru the classefieds and everything. Then, mum and dad come home from whatever it was they were doing (fishing and painting, I believe) and mum asked if I wanted to go berry picking. Thus began The Great Blueberry Hunt of 2006. We could find NO U-pick places, and ended up visiting this farm-

twice. Once to get cherries (and apricots and caramelcorn). The second time, we came back because all the U-Pick places were closed or heaven knows what. So we bought some picked berries (pout). We’re still going picking this week. It’s not summer if we don’t go berry picking at least twice. It just isn’t.

Anyway, mum was obsessed with making a red, white, and blue pie. Red – raspberries, white- ranier cherries, and blue – blueberries. Here is one of the three we finished tonight:

And, yes, those are stars cut into the top crust.

And the other two, cooling:

I feel I should mention that we still have a mixed half-flat of raspberries and blueberries and enough pie crust left over for two more pies. hehehe.

I am completely covered in, let me see – flour, butter, apricot and nectarine juice, chocolate, and various other unidentifiable substances. Cooking is so messy. I even wore an apron and everything.

During the various 15 – 30 min intermissions, I worked on my Tempting II, because the thought of picking up and putting down sox in the middle of pie-making nearly gave me hives. I’ve got some progress going. The biggest progress is the fact that I reallyreallyreally like this yarn now:

I had had my doubts. 50/50 cotton/ acrylic hadn’t sounding too tempting to me, but I definitely couldn’t afford the Rowan yarn the pattern calls for (the TLC Cotton Plus is the cheap alt). But, upon knitting, it’s reallyreally soft and fluffy and lustrous. I may just be a convert.

Now, I want to wash my hair desperately, as I think I have pie crust in it.

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  1. Um…The reason why you are not seeing any U-pick places open is because the fruit isn’t ripe yet. Blueberries have at least another month as well as blackberries and raspberries. Any fruit you are seeing is from California.

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