Aside from very nice and helpy people all day, I was truly impressed by everyone’s efforts tonight to help a young, single mother who was travelling alone with her toddler. The AMTRAK workers spent over a half hour on the phone hunting down a hotel room for her (her train had been cancelled AND it’s the week of Country Faire, bad mix). And, when the little boy had a bit of a fall, not only I but, several other people jumped up to check on him. As well as keep him entertained while the mother and attendent worked something out. They also got her a cab and sent her off. She looked so exhausted, poor thing.

It really was just a stellar day for proving the goodness of people. Great job, everyone!

In knitting news, I am 1/3 of the way thru the heel flap (a huge achievement, considering the reversed colourwork patterns) and I have restarted on the Tempting II and have 2 inches. Why did I restart? Because I am an IDIOT and didn’t check my gauge properly. A stitch off per inch adds up, oy. The swatch was correct. I think. It was certainly closer. I … ewww. Anyway, I think it’s fixed now. And, if it’s not, I don’t care. It’s mindless and wonderful.

I tried calling AmeriCorps today for a counselling/ teaching position they have open. No response yet. Ahvell.

Oh. I watched MirrorMask for the 2nd time today. It was just as impressive this time ’round. I strongly recommend it. Well, if you like artistic, funny movies anyway.

Mom and I still haven’t made it to the U-Pick places yet. They’re all so strange. They close at, like, 1 or 4 pm. Why? When we dropped by, the workers hours were posted for the early morning. Getting to a place in time to pick enough berries for pies and jam by 1 pm is impossible. Well, for this group.

I should go to bed. I have to fill out more job apps tomorrow today

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