“MORE pies??” You say?

Yes, MORE pies:

Raspberry and blueberry

I recieved my One skein package today. Mysteriously, and wonderfully, there were TWO skeins. Woot! Handspun Romeldale. Yummies. I can think of a certain stuffed avian these two might long to become ;)

Can’t you just see it?
And, after the 2nd cast on for my Tempting II, I am making progress:

The sox are so darn close to being done. And, just fabulous to look at, too. If I do say so meself. Luckily (oh, thank you, g-d), my swap partner’s feet are the same size as my own, so I can check periodically. It would SUCK BEYOND MEASURE for the sox to NOT fit when they arrived.

Oh! I have 7 people signed up for the Handspun Swap! I shall not be sitting alone in a dark corner ;)

And I got the Americorps app printed out today. SIXTEEN PAGES! I have to do TWO of them. I’m interested in two different one-year contract jobs. Look too cool for words, for me. Sex Ed/ HIV education for at-risk youth, sex industry workers, and drug users is one. Trust me, I grew up in D.C. – I’ve already done that. I used to bring condoms in to give to my friends, so they wouldn’t get STD’s. And the other one is post-infection HIV/AIDS counseling and education. I would love to get either. I used to be so good at the counseling thing, and I was untrained then.

Anyway. I think I’m going to finish the sox tomorrow (Widdershins! Crimson) and start in on the other swap goodies. I have another swap to work on, aside from One Skein and Handspun and this sox one (hahaha, yes, I know) – it’s a Learn to Spin Kit for a Craftster. I’mn trying to decide on a good text to send. Usually, I photocopy articles from Spin-Off on the long draw, etc. But, I’m wondering if there’s a good beginner’s book? Anyone?

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  1. I know a bunch of folks who have done Americorps, and their one biggest word of warning is that sometimes your paycheck just doesn’t come until it is way later than you need it. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience than that!

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