I am so exhausted I can barely see straight. This probably has something to do with the fact that I stayed up until 3a and then woke up at 9a and couldn’t fall back asleep. I decided to tough it out, to remain on schedule, and now I’m wondering at the sanity of that decision. If/ once I start hallucinating, then I’m going to bed.

Why am I still awake? Because it’s still light out! I refuse to go to bed before nightfall. It’s just wrong. I’m enough of a spinster as it is. Well, sorta.

In other news, I have a cold. That’ll teach me to share my tiramisu. Blech. This isn’t helping the whole 6 hours of sleep thing at all.

I started spinning the yarn for a piece of the S/K/C swap today. It’s beautiful. I can’t even believe it. It took me 2 hours to spin less than 2 ounces (reallyreally slow for me), but I can’t complain since things are a bit blurry around the edges. Hint: think black and red, AF’s fav colour combo I think. And so pretty. Must make some for self when done.

I have made progress on the thing on the green needles, yeah. That makes sense. Moving on.

There’s a Pirates of the Caribbean Swap that Crimson alerted me to (danke!), but Craftster’s being cranky and won’t let me sign up right now (pouts). I am SO on that boat, once I get the chance. And I SHALL make a button at first chance. One with Capt Jack Sparrow on it ;) or something crafty, anyway. Avast!, and all that. I suppose I shall have to go and see Dead Man’s Chest again as… ahem, “research”.

Oh, and I actually have a job interview scheduled for this Friday. I don’t think I made the best impression over the phone, having just woken up with a headache, muscle cramps, sore throat, and a head full of wool – my replies probably made the nice lady think I’m crazy or on drugs.

I am thru the 1st ball of yarn for my Tempting sweater. Woohoo.


  1. Research! Always the perfect excuse. I may try to do a little research at Nobbies (party warehouse) and Claire’s / Hot Topic (lots of piratey wares, I hear tell). I’m always on expeditions for booty … erm, yeah.

  2. Wait a minute…. You do 2 oz in 2 hours and you’re telling me I’m fast? It took me at least 10 hours to do about 6 oz. I know you’re using a wheel but still….

    BTW, did you see how you’ve corrupted me? Go take a look after you’ve had your morning coffee.

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