A previously favourite author once wrote that if short people could vote the word “cute” from the dictionary and everyday use, they would. Some days, I agree. I also have to apply that same general attitude/wish to stop the patronizing of older knitters. Notice I do not say “more experienced” knitters. I have been knitting for longer than many of the older knitters in town, yet I get called (oh, yes) a “baby knitter”.

Wow, the chutzpah.

Have you seen my sox? My lace? Anything I’ve made? I teach knitting workshops. I don’t take them.

Anyway, (deep breath), I just wanted to get that out.

I was fingerprinted today, for my Peace Corps application. Alas, they’ve gone digital, so I don’t even have the ink-stained hands to prove it ;)

Whilst running errands today, I dragged my father to the new Goodwill building. And, mwahaha, I scored 8 sets of retro and vintage knitting needles:

Some of which are, OMG, bakelite I do believe.
And they came to a grand total of $3.49. Score! I’m using one of the DPN sets for a little swap item. The white yarn is my handspun alpaca/ recycled silk. Yummies. The rest? Who knows?

I also bought a ball of yarn at Jo-Ann’s, it was ON CLEARANCE and I have a plan so it’s forgivable. I had to go to the devil store (seriously, I can’t get out of there w/o spending money) to find certain items for a swap. That’s all I shall say for now. Said certain items were hell to find, btw. I get double brownie points for these, I think.

And, oh yes, the SOX ARE DONE!! Finished, completed, and they look fab to me. All the little ends are woven in. I even tried them on my feet (my partner’s feet are the same size) and they fit perfectly. Fantabulous.

I am forcing myself to pull away from sox and my Tempting and alpaca shrug for a while in order to spin that bloody yarn and finish up my swap packages. Then, Lord help me, I swear myself off of swaps for a while – I do! I want to craft for myself and my family for a while. Just a bit. I’ll be lured in again, soon enough.

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  1. Recycled silk? You mean I could like comb up the sari stuff I have and spin it? I mean, I know I could but is that what you did?

    BTW, that whole baby thing doesn’t last too much longer. It’s just that, when you’re ready for a bit of a change, you have to change the people around you because they’ll always see you as a baby.

    I mean, you ARE just a kid. I’m kidding!!!!!! I mean, for Pete’s sake, I’m 30 and they still think I’m a child… just because I was when I first me them. People forget about how uncute it is the more they age.

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