I was woken abruptly by my father this morning, after a message was left on the family’s answering machine, which can be condensed to: “Sara, we at the Registrar’s office have decided to be difficult and, you no longer meet the requirements necessary to graduate. Please call with any questions.”


Well, okay, it was a bit different. But, the effect was the same. My father was in near-hysterics and banging on my door. I thought the house was burning down or something. He doesn’t take well to stress at all. Could you have guessed that?

So, after banging my head on the ceiling and fan (that’s how quickly I jumped out of bed, y’all), I ran to the door to deal with the bloody situation. So, after breakfast and stuff, I set off with Dad in tow to the Registrar’s office.

Apparently, and this is NEW to me, “a student cannot use more than three classes from any subject to satisfy their group requirements” can be translated in manymany ways. Right. I thought, and was encouraged in this by advisors, that I couldn’t use more than 3 ANTH courses for my Social Sciences requirement. Not, that I couldn’t use more than 3 ANTH classes TOTAL to fulfil my Soc Sci, Arts and Letters, and Science credits. This is news to me. If I had KNOWN that, I wouldn’t have taken the ANTH course from HELL last term. I could have taken astronomy, or something. Criminey.

Or not.

Because, luckily, I had an ace up my sleeve. I had recieved a N in Chemistry. That doesn’t mean I failied it, it just means I didn’t get a C+ or better. I cut off the advisor’s and Dad’s thoughts on taking another course (over my dead body, y’all), and suggested a petition.

“Well, that’d work,” the advisor admitted. At which point it occured to me: I see what this is all about now. Oh, yes. They’re trying to punish me for getting out of here in 4 years. I am not letting them win!

So, Dad and I staked out the Chemistry office, tracked down my professor (who was IN HIS OFFICE, bless him!) and got the petition filled out, stamped, and filed by 2 pm this afternoon. HA! And then, it turns out my father knows the Registrar (news to both of us). Who, once he saw us returning with the petition, ordered my advisor to make it his top priority. Oh, thank you! Registrar, G-d, Fate, and the Professor.

The stars must have aligned or something.

So, at 2:30, Dad and I made it home emotionally wrung out and a bit cranky. I decided that spinning would make me feel better (and, ‘lo, it did). Here’s the result:

A truly lovely (forgive me for my pride) skein of black and red merino/ alpaca/ and silk yarn. Yummmmy. It’s to be used in a swap, so don’t get any ideas. Mum was eyeing it. The twist is setting as I type. (Sachiiiii, spinning with a wheel is, like, 10x faster than a spindle. So you are spinning quickly, I swear :D)

The really nifty measuring tape I found at Jo-Ann’s (on sale!) when I dropped by this afternoon to exchange the DPN’s I had bought for a, um, friend. Turns out they were the wrong size. So, did that, and waited for Dad and Emms to come back and find me. Which meant I got to wander around their clearance section for quite a bit. I found a bunch of goodies. For various purposes. (And don’t you even think of going and getting a measuring tape, Emmos, I grabbed one I thought you’d like, so neeeeeee.)

After we got home, I collapsed. I had a throbbing headache from the boys arguing over gaming economics all the ride home. Thank goodness I had my iPod to tune them out. Mostly, anyway.


  1. There may be a special circle in hell for registrars … But I am glad you were able to find your chem prof! (I agree with you on the four years bit. It’s tricky.)

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