I should be practising my Spanish, I know I know. But, I love Italian.

I can’t believe I actually made it to my 500th post. Just… whoa. I love you guys, btw – all the nasty Registrar comments made me feel less like I was a freak, and that this truly is stupid. I did get a note from the assistant Registrar today, informing me that my petition had been approved. Wow. Just… wow. Last time it took, like, 3 weeks.

So, I spent most of today editing my article for the millionth time (can you hear my moaning in the background?). It’s coming along, I suppose. Apparently, the editor sent me some questions on Monday, but they only arrived in my mailbox this morning. Proof that my Uni has it in for me. Seriously.

Anyway. Since several of the pictures used were, ah, wrong (sorry, guys), I went through my edition of Hope and picked out some I thought would work (= were correct). That took a long time. I have such a headache. It started sometime around the 20th Ionic chiton I saw and it still twinging behind my eyes.

After sending all that off (please let it work. And be enough) I got back to work on that pattern for Emmos. The practical thingy (I shan’t name it) I’m sending off as part of a swap. But, I need to know if it looks like the thing it’s supposed to be. So, I am breaking some swap rules here, to get some opinions.

What does this-

look like?

All replies accepted. I just pray that one of them is vaguely related to my attempt. The painted buttons are going on as eyes tomorrow. I suppose that’s a hint. I am so exhausted right now that all it looks like to me is a bowling pin with wings (not intended).

I want to spin something so badly right now. But my fingers are almost numb, my neck is achey, and I’m getting a bit blurry around the edges.

I think that’s all for now. Sorry if this post wasn’t up to par. Too tired. I have a job interview tomorrow, wish me luck please :)


  1. i will agree and say owl.

    mazel tov on the assistant registrar getting back to you quick–and with good news.

    i had an awesome registrar, she’s really sweet.. some others of the staff (and quite of few other advisors I had) left MUCH to be desired.

    hope job interview goes well!!

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