After a truly embarassing mortifying interview – I forgot how to speak Spanish entirely – Mum and I went to return some clothing and find appropriate blouses for future interviews (since I doubt I’m getting that job). We hit the mall and noticed something terrible.

I must have been brain-dead or something the past couple of months to NOT have noticed this. It was the return of a rather famous Fashion Catastrophe. Something we’re all used to, I’m sure. I, myself, have seen way too many sequined bags of late (but that’s another story). These, though, were not terrifying regurgitations of the ’60’s/ ’70’s/ or ’80’s. Well, at least not 1980.

‘Lo, I do give you the Return of the Pumpkin Pants…

In skirt form.

This pic is from Nordstrom’s site, y’all. Not Limited or Gap. Just… shite. Also, they’re charging near $90 for it. Whoo! Powerful bad fashion at an even worse price.

And, then, everywhere we went, there they were…

at 4 different stores. Honest to g-d. I swear.

It was like we were being stalked by the ghosts of Bad Fashion Past. (shudder) I hope this dies out soon. This is JUST what I need – something that makes me look like I have a pumpkin stuck around my hips.

Bravo, designers. You read my mind. I’ve always wanted to look like Phillip II of Spain! Fan-tastic!Just get me a doublet and I am set.

So, anyway. Thank you y’all. It IS an owl – or, was supposed to be. And, apparently it looks like one, sorta. Which is enough. I am working on the last piece for the swap package right now. It’s being a bit difficult. Just a weeeeee bit.

In other news, um, I can’t remember. So, yeah. I’m a bit fuzzy. Thank you, again, for the confirmations and I hope I didn’t scare you too badly with the Return pix.

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  1. I wonder why there are never any polls on what past fashion item we would like to see return? Why can’t they ASK us instead of assuming we’ll conform to whatever they choose? If it ever comes to a vote I choose the following:
    -Hypercolor tshirts (I think that in these days of young girls dressing like hootchies, shirts that cover the entirety of your shirt wearing region that still draws attention to your boobies via the heat reacted color change is MUCH more acceptable)
    -The Molly Ringwald/Sara from Labyrinth poet shirt and vest combo with jeans
    -OR (and I know this will be a crazy unexpected jump for some of today’s young people) pants that cover the entirely of your pantal region, worn with underwear that covers your underwearal region.

    Chainmail coifs to wear on your night out on the town will be next… I know it… because what would be better than shlepping through the local mall kicking errant rings across the shiny floor?

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