I had to scan a dozen images to replace the ones in my article. This involved going to Canon’s site and downloading the driver, setting the stupid thing up, and sitting here bored out of my mind while the scanner slowly worked. 600 dpi. Never again.

But, for the good news section:

  1. there are a dozen registered swappers for my handspun swap
  2. I actually have IDEAS already for the POTC swap
  3. I have some chocolate somewhere around here

which I’m going to need (back to the bad news) because for the first time, like, ever I am going to have to send a swap package late. (whine). All because the relatives are visiting. So, I am two days behind on the armwarmers.

And, oh crap, I need to make a button for the POTC swap. Crimson made hints. Alrighty. Onward!

I love socks, lace, and all sorts of ‘traditional’ knitting subjects. I studied Classics and textile history (independent minor) at Uni and have a love of anything ancient. That said, I also like to mix it up with modern shapes and silhouettes, often with a little tradition thrown in for fun.

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