They are packaged and ready to go – both my One Skein Swap package and my Sew/Knit/Crochet swap package! Here they are below, with a teddy bear I knit for my nephew to de-stress…

The pattern’s here on knitty, but I used a bulky chenille (3 sts/ inch) so it came out a bit bigger than a barbie doll. Nice and cozy. Mom and Dad keep picking him up and petting him. Soooo soft – used rayon/wool chenille and organic cotton stuffing. Is little D maybe a bit spoiled? Eh.

I also got fantastic pix of the pieces inside the S/K/C package, but can’t quite show them yet. Avian_Flight might be lurking for all I know. But, I will say this, this swap made me love knitting socks AND I am soooo proud of the socks I made. Just, like, ‘whoa… I made… those?’ kind of pride.

So, coolies. I love the results y’all got, btw! It makes me want to keep taking the little quiz over and over. I have to say, being a scratchy purple snowflake IS tons of fun ;)

My first Rya Weaving class starts tonight at… 6, yeah. Need to ship the beauties about, and stuff first. I also need to eat. And hit the Knit Shop – I’ve resigned myself to buying anothing Addi set.

But, for your amusement, I present this screen-shot – George from My Hero knitting baby booties out of spaghetti:

Gotta love it. Oh, and I need to totally shout-out to Sachi! This woman has been spinning for maybe a month(?), and she’s onto lace weight and tencel and just… wow. Way to go! I’m going to get you next time for the Handspun Swap II. You, too, Crimson. I’m onto y’all :D

It’s sportsman-like and all to warn the prey in advance. Or something. Anyway, onwards!

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  1. Awww… *blush* The gal at the store pointed out to me today that I purchased my drop spindle on the 3rd. I guess that means 2 weeks and 2 days. o.O

    Janelle at S&S gave me a lovely t-shirt ’cause I walked in today to show her my accomplishements to date. She also gave me some merino/soy silk that she had in the scrap pile. It’s wicked hard for me to spin but OMG it’s a gorgeous dye job!!!

    I told Janelle you asked about the yak/merino. She laughed and she seriously thinks she might remember you from Black Sheep. ;-)

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