I have been a little snippy today. Mostly to the males I encounter. It might have something to do with the heat. Or the heat and the fact that I’m surfing the crimson wave, as it can be slung. OR, that I was diagnosed with a UTI this afternoon. My kidneys suck. A lot.


Anyway. For those of you interested in new KAL’s. Here’s one I just joined:

The mystery sock KAL. Participants are supposed to choose a knitting pattern that doesn’t include a picture of the finished sox, and tempt fate. Join us if you’re interested. The KAL starts on August 15 and ends on November 26. Should be fun :D

I went to see Dead Man’s Chest again today. For “research” purposes. It worked. I now have too many ideas. First time in a long time for a swap. I also happened upon some cool items to include in my package while at the mall. Nope, I shan’t tell.

Otherwise, it’s hot, I’m tired and cranky, and nothing’s happening. (actually, this is not true, I have over 4″ of sock legs and have picked up my alpaca shrug again)

Oh, and to Stephieface – I suppose your Ed-singing theory could work. The song was actually sung by Vic-whatever-his-name-is from the english dub (I guess I’m not too big a fan, since I don’t know). But, I thought the ethereal and haunting quality of the Russian version more correctly expressed the darker aspects of the series. And, the singers just had more talent ;) I just looked up the lyric translations, and was happy with the Russian. I also have issue with Ed singing. The thought of Edward singing, ever, is creepier than the Russian choir.

But, I’m weird :D To each their own, eh?

I think I’m going to go to bed now. I need sleep.

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