Antibiotics suck. I know that they’ve saved the world a thousand times over, and not to mention my live a couple of times. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t suck. A lot.

I am so nauseous and dizzy. The heat isn’t fair on top of it. I’m having a lot of trouble staying properly hydrated. I’ve taken to carrying a water bottle on me at all times, and I end up refilling it every hour. (sigh)

I’m on the heel flap of the socks. 1/2 thru. Tempting II has 2 inches.

Mum and I went and mailed my Invite Your Partner 2 Swap package, as well as my application to Pendleton, and it all came to an unfortunately high total. I just couldn’t afford the $25 to ship the package to Italy in a week. The nice USPS lady convinced me that 4 weeks was the better option.

We also found me a black skirt for interviews. The Springfield Museum is looking to hire a new director, and I have an interview scheduled at noon next Monday. May the force be with me, and all that.

My inbox is frightening.

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