Today was long and hot, but had a very profitable outcome. On Sunday, Emmos and I went to Target and bought some, er, funky costume jewelry. I thought that these beauties:

were wasted as earrings… and would be better used as stitch markers…

I finished a dozen tonight. I think they’re pretty cool. But that’s just me ;)

So, today Dad and I hit JoAnns that I might get some jump rings. We also hit a bunch of other places. Most notable was the Santa Clara Saint Vincent De Paul. I’d never been there. And… wow. They’re crafting section is better than the local Michael’s, y’all. Frighteningly better. By the time I left I had, lemme see… the monster ball of yarn that nearly ate Santa Clara:

(I rewound it) I also got 2 Amish knitting looms, 3 sets of circulars (one cabled one for you, Emmos! and two Takumis), 4 sets of retro straight knitting needles and other weird things stuffed in the Amish knitting loom bags:

Seriously. A silk sheep tie. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it will not go unused. The stuffed sheep was at the very bottom of one of the bags. It is the most terrifying sheep I’ve ever seen. I think it needs, like, a rabies shot or something.

But, otherwise, the finds were fantastic. Dad finally dragged me out after 1/2 an hour. Citing other errands. Blah. I am sooo going back. They had two aisles of cloth remnants and bolts! Yummy.

Due to the antibiotics, or just personal weakness, I am so exhausted all the time. I’ve been taking naps every evenning. How lame is that? Oy.

Oh, I am 4 rows away from finishing the heel flap. Yay.

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