As I wandered around this afternoon, trying to wake up (I stayed up reallyreally late last night to finish knitting the sox), I discovered something. Pain is an amazing caffeine alternative. I didn’t discover this intentionally. But, since my eyes were still closed the way a newborn kitten’s are, I found it out by walking into my steel loft bed head-first. Ow.

So, I am now moderately awake and sporting a little bump on my noggin. Fun.

And so I am posting to my blog in the hopes that it’ll both keep me awake and prevent me from crying from exhaustion.

I stayed up reallyreally late last night for two reasons. One, to finish knitting my sox. And, two, to keep Mum company. She is having a bad reaction to a colonoscopy she had two weeks ago. Long story short, all the bacteria in her gut is gone. Ahwell. Funfunfun.

Back to the sox. It bears mentioning that I was a bit frantic towards the end. And, rightfully so. Since this is the amount of yarn I had left:

No, I am not joking. And, let’s all recall (manically), that I was knitting with handspun. I like to live dangerously.

But, at around 3 am, the knitting part of the socks was done. Blessed be the Knitting G-ds. They favored me. Here they be, ends still unwoven in, flanking the spinning wheel that brought the yarn into existance:

quite soft and comfy too. the sox, not the wheel.

and here’s my next sox project:

I need to go and drink a coke, or espresso, or something…

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  1. Tell your mom to get some Lactaid at the local pharmacy. Basically is lactobacillus strain (normal gut flora) of good bacteria for digestion. When one has been on antibiotics for a period of time, this will usually set them right. If not, she may have the opportunistic Clostridium dificile taking over where the normal flora is missing. This requires a stool sample for identification and antifungals…Hope this helps!

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