… and I am a yarn addict.

I admit that I have no control over my problem.

It is the First Step, y’all. And, while I am completely in the clear and it was necessary for me to buy even more yarn – I need to be honest. I nearly went “squee” when I found out that I didn’t have the right yarns on hand. And that Knit Picks has new Fall yarns.

I am damned.

Anyway. The fingerless mitts for my One Skein swap partner are progressing. I need to refocus my energy on the POTC swap again. I have ideas again. This is problematic… ahwell.

I had the Museum Director interview today. I had the Board of Directors laughing and chatting endlessly. They informed me that I was the most enthusiastic applicant they’d had and that I was simply full of joie de vivre. That sounds positive.



  1. sending good vibes your way! i had an experience like that recently and i’m now a grad student! it can (and WILL) happen!

    i have a yarn problem too. 4 balls of sugr-n-cream followed me home on sunday. i just had to keep it and give it a good home, ya know?


  2. Hi Sara,

    Don’t worry – there is no such thing as too much yarn. It is all good!
    Anyway – I clicked on your link because my 11 year old daughter loves ducks and I love fiber so I had to see what this is all about! She uses the word duck in both her e-mail and website address! And she gets really excited when she sees ducks and she wants a duck and she tells me everyday. Sometimes more than once. Anyway, good luck with your job search! And the sock wars! I just signed up to be a sock warrier too!
    Not sure what I’m getting myself into!
    Tamara http://www.spincerelyyours.com

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