but I gave in last night. I’ve been eyeing the Heirloom Knitting Wedding Ring Shawl for quite some time now. It’s beautiful, and to be frank I want one. Several knitters that I respect online have bought the pattern. Watching their progress makes me drool. So, last night, I gave in and bought the pattern.

I figure that I’ll get it done eventually ;)

About the Author fyberduck

I love socks, lace, and all sorts of ‘traditional’ knitting subjects. I studied Classics and textile history (independent minor) at Uni and have a love of anything ancient. That said, I also like to mix it up with modern shapes and silhouettes, often with a little tradition thrown in for fun.


  1. I’m so desperate to NEVER knit this shawl. It will take me 20 years to knit that damned thing…. enough time for me to concieve and raise a child and I still might not be done in time for the wedding. Plus I’d have to kill her if she just stuck it back in a box with her wedding dress instead of showing it off to absolutely everyone she might meet in her entire life….–>

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