My first comfort food is anything Mexican. My second is fried chicken and biscuits. I link this to the fact that I was born and raised South of the Maison-Dixon line. Despite the fact my mother refused to allow fried anything on our table as I grew up (hint: Dad and I used to sneak out to get fried chicken since we were the only ones who liked it). This has since changed. Being so far away from our previous home has made everyone occassionally crave familiar aspects of Southern Living.

Mum actually makes fried chicken on occassion. We buy it and bring it home. My adult world is completely polar to my childhood.

So, anyway. Feeling a bit funky and cranky, I decided that what I needed was a biscuit. Now, it’s hard to get a biscuit, singular. I mean, what the heck would the ingredients be for one? 2 TBLS of flour, 1 TBLS of milk, 1TBLS of unsalted butter, a pinch of baking power, and half a pinch of salt?

So, when I decided to sate my craving, I ended up with 2 dozen biscuits – I followed my favorite, The Joy of Cooking, recipe for dropped biscuits. And, I have a feeling that they’ll all be gone by the end of tomorrow. My family will never admit it, but they loooove biscuits. Especially since I only make ’em maybe 2x a year. Maybe.

So, here’s a pic of them with my half-finished One Skein mitts for knitting interest:

Yes, that is one skein. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why one end of the skein is so much more vibrant than the other. A mystery of hand-painting, I suppose. I only can blame myself, though, since I’m the one who painted the skein, so long ago.

And, to respond to Emmos’ teasing. THIS:

…. is why I have not completed ANY sewing projects in the past month.

This is what USED TO BE my sewing room. Notice the THREE vacuum cleaners, spare furniture, and lamp. I finally located the sewing machine (don’t ask what it was under, just don’t) and am hoping to finish my corsets, dresses, and blankets sometime before the end of the century. I figure if I continue to nag my relatives to get their crap out of this room, I’ll have the space to sew in a decade or so :P

Ahwell. I have my knitting and numerous swaps to entertain me until I can sew again. But, I have to admit, I would desperately love to finish my robes and corsets before the end of summer (pout). The likelihood of that is slim to nil, so my hopes are not high.

To respond to Ashley’s question, I have absolutely no idea where to get the yarn for the Heirloom Shawl. To be honest, I was considering (insane, I know) spinning the yarn myself. Don’t call the Men in White yet, guys. I’m serious. It would only take me, hahaha, 10 years and then another 10 to knit it – I could have the shawl ready for… my daughter’s wedding (snerk).

It was a thought.

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  1. That would be great to spin the yarn yourself.

    What kind of wheel do you have? I always thought I could spin a lace weight on mine, but I just read online that my wheel is good for worsted weight. What can I say, I’m a spinning novice. It drives me crazy because I want to spin some lace weight yarn, but now I don’t know what to do.

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