I love colour. I grew up around artists and in a colour-rich environment. Today I begged someone in the house to go outside with me. The weather wasn’t as stifling or frightful as it’s been, and I desperately needed sun in a way similiar to a plant. When Mum and I were about to leave for the Rose Garden, we ran into our new neighbor and her son. Mum and I immediately chatted her up. ‘I’ was weeding her “garden” (the previous tenants had been, ah, disinterested) and was inexperienced. Mum started in on the Intro to Gardening lecture. Mum should teach a class or something.

So, while they chatted (I helped a bit, mostly concerning the lavendar and Garder snakes) I ran in to grab my digicam. I took many pix (some are being hosted on Flickr) of our home garden and the Eugene Rose Garden, but here are a few of my favourites:

A bee in flight over one of our passion flowers. Our Passion Flower plant has grown to epic proportions. No, I am not kidding. I’d need an aerial shot to prove it, but it has literally taken over a 10’x10′ bed. We never even knew this was possible. The first year we planted it, we got, I think, 3 blossoms. Now, we cannot count the blossoms or the rippening fruit… oy.

Anyway, onto a couple of Rose Garden pix. We arrived just before sunset, and I was impressed by my macro lens… And by the lighting:

See the moon?
I loved this rose. It looked like it was on fire, and photographed accordingly.
In knitting news, I have over 15″ worth of shawl from tip to top. I have 3 snowdrops and 4 leave repeats. Coolies for me. I am making progress on two new felted bag patterns that I just came up with. It sorta hit me. Weird. I also was hit with a book idea, “The Joy of Knitting”. Like “The Joy of Cooking” only… knitting. Just imagine the possibilities.

Okay, seriously, why hasn’t someone done this yet? I have a feeling I’m going to, but why do I have to? It would have rocked to have been able to buy it when I started.

Anyway, onwards. I need to finish the pirate shirt tomorrow. The stains are out (please don’t ask) and I need to ship it on Monday. Well, the whole package actually.

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  1. Aren’t passion flowers just the most fascinating thing in the world to look at? I always thought they were very alien. I also didn’t know you could get them to grow as far north as Eugene. That makes me happy.

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