I am. I admit it. What a fantastic day!

I wish blogger would upload the pix (pout). I guess this is G-d’s way of making sure I remain slightly well-adjusted and all.

So, what happened to me today? Here’s my list:

  1. I sent the POTC package
  2. I recieved my Handspun Swap yarn today! It’s beautiful! It makes me drool…
  3. I got THREE books on textile stuff. One is on Battenburg lace techniques, one is on lacing, and the prize is The Primary Structures of Textiles, by Emery, published by The Textile Museum in D.C. Yummy, yummy, yummy.
  4. I drove three other people for a bit without anyone being killed or otherwise injured
  5. When we went to Ben Franklin, and some of their Noro was 75% off (woot!) so I got 7 skeins of the Iru wool/silk blend
  6. Ben’s also had some Latern Moon needles 75% off. Grabbed two pairs, and another gianormous set of bamboo straights for rugs
  7. Yummy Thai for dinner
  8. And at Madame DeFarge’s tonight, Janis of Dyelots offered to give me a loom in her possession! I, of course, agreed – over the protests of others – and shall pick up the loom on Wednesday (with a healthy amount of undyed Karaoke roving.
  9. Umm… yeah, did I mention the fantastic buys and FREE floor loom??

So, yeah… good day. Probably to soften me up for tomorrow’s back-to-back CT scans. Woohoo. I am sooo bringing my knitting for those. I’ll try and post pix laters, when blogger is behaving.

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  1. How ’bout the part where I’m jealous that you have Noro in a freakin’ Ben Franklin. We’re lucky to have PCM with all that Red Heart.

    Ah well. Happy CT scans …

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