Even tho I have achieved some things today, I feel the need to defend myself. Heaven knows why. I had been hoping that I’d have all the yarn spun for the Handspun Swap, but nope. I tried spinning from the locks and discovered that that was a very bad idea. So, I pulled out my drum carder and carded up approx 4 oz super fine baby alpaca in “fall colours” and another 4+ oz of painted baby alpaca. Here’s the “fall” on the drum:

It took me nearly two hours, but I got all of the fiber carded to my satisfaction. I then sat and spun the “fall” alpaca for about an hour, whilst watching the newest ep of Project Runway (class last night). After the show was over, I really wanted to work on my sox, so I did. But, I forgot to take pix. Sorry.

Mum and I went to Oakway for Mum to get her engagement ring fixed, and I picked up the newest issue of Interweave Knits at Borders. I am a bit disappointed with this issue. It’s not really inspired, I guess. Most of the knits wouldn’t look good on most people. Oh, well. Also in this piccie, is my copy of the Wedding Ring Shawl packet:

Along with a swatch card. My copy is 383/500, all the pages are numbered and signed. Quite nice. I also like that the packet came with several mini-skeins of appropriate yarn to swatch with, to choose which we like best. I’m leaning towards the wool blends. Kinda cool, all in all.

Mum and I are heading to Portland early tomorrow. G-d help me, I’ve offered to try driving.

And, thank you everyone for your advise on the POTC swap. I’m still pondering. I just feel so – confused. But, again, thank you. It’s nice to hear other people’s opinions.


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  1. what a beautiful shawl! i do agree about the IK. there are some really pretty sweaters, but what’s with the western stuff? i’m not to big on that…

    and the PotC swap….i agree with what someone said about thanking the girl for it and not overdoing it. she could have been on a very tight budget, or her family could be strained for cash right now….there are quite a few good reasons as to why her swap package was lacking. *shrugs*

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