I am so exhausted right now. I had forgotten that I’d promised to drive up to Portland with Mum today, until she reminded me yesterday afternoon. She doesn’t know the city well and wanted a navigator. I wasn’t complaining because I got a free ride to Portland. So, we got up early and left at around 10 am in hopes of getting Mum to her BSN introduction thing at OHSU. We got there late because of the worst traffic in Oregon history, practically. It wasn’t as bad as that trip to Albany this spring, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, we got her there about 15 mins late, and since we didn’t have time for me to go anywhere, I sat in one of the OHSU parks and knit for 2 hours. Here is my sock progress:

The socks have travelled, woohoo. They are also into their second repeat of the lace motif. Big woohoo, there. So, after all that, I went and grabbed Mum and got us to Pioneer Plaza to hit L’Occitaine. I don’t care what you skinflints say, I love their stuff. I never get hives, burning eyes or throat or any other reactions to their stuff – so, pooh! They had some new stuff in, so I bought magnolia solid perfume, verbena shea butter soap, and their lavender matte face creme. All of which I heartily endorse. Especially the face creme. Yummy stuff. And because the staff recognized me (yee-aah) they gave me extra pretties. Like verbena perfume, facial scrub and samples of the new lavender/blackberry exfoliating creme. Also yummy.

I love them :)

Then we went to William Sonoma to find a garlic press that Dad couldn’t break. We did. … hopefully. After all this we hauled ass over to Powell’s to meet Opus, who I called at, like, 10 pm last night to ask if she wanted to come and play. She had class today, but agreed to meet us afters. We met in the knitting section.

What? You expected something different?

Anyway. We tried to go to Knit/Purl, but they were closed! Oh (moans) le-sigh. But, in a way, it was a good thing. I DO NOT NEED MORE KNITTING SUPPLIES, BOOKS, TOOLS, OR WEIRD LITTLE CHIBIS. This was G-d’s way of helping me.

To overcome our grief, we three hit a fantastic Lebanese restaurant a block away. Pomegranate chicken, ’nuff said. Saffron rice, too. It was a nice little statement, two Jews eating in a Lebanese restaurant. Pfft! To big meanies with missiles.

And, onward. Then we went back to Powell’s because we had forgotten something. I, err, can’t remember what. But I did get a new pocket calendar, yay. And then Mum and I found our way out of Portland.

And, wow, that was the longest and most rambling story ever. Sorry.

To answer some questions – I am spinning my Karaoke into cobweb weight when 2-plied. I promise to post pix later! It’s beautiful stuff. OMG! And, thank you again to everyone who’s offered advice, I need it. Baci, and buona notte.

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