I was going to whine about the terrible time I had during my CT scan today (32oz of iodine to drink, bleh!) and 4 stabs (hahaha) at getting an IV to start aren’t my idea of fun. Ever. But, then, look at what I found in my inbox!! Piccies of my sister, veryvery pregant! I hope she doesn’t kill me, but I had to share them, they’re simply lovely…

And this one wins “The Most Perfect Mother and Child(ren)” Award:

Isn’t D too cute for words?? I really need to finish his darn blanky… I’ve got the yarn out and everything… Badbadme. And here’s A and her partner K – I wonder if A is having all the sympathy problems pregnant women usually get? Dr W was joking about her husband during my appointment (she’s ALSO 8 Mo along…). I’m surrounded by pregnant women…

And, of course, another pregnant belly shot:

So, that completely made up for the horrors of this afternoon. For me, anyway. In other news, I have discovered Library Thing and it’s coolness. Also, I picked up 4 balls of Sugar’n’Creme cotton to make some washcloths. I never thought it’d happen (I’d sworn off of knitting squares after the Guild’s afghan) but I want to knit something completely and utterly brainless.

I need to eat dinner…


  1. don’t get me started on the iodine.. *hugs* at least it’s over!

    sugar-n-cream is too addictive, e doesn’t mind too much since i seem to knit it up pretty quick (whew!). this morning i cast on with a (salt n pepper) lion cotton and i’m not sure i like it. we shall see.

  2. yuck iodine. I am also surrounded by pregnant women it’s like every day someone else is announcing they’re pregnant. What is going on?

    Great shots of your sister.

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