Well, apparently a swapper may only be given a swap angel if they’re flaked on. And, thankfully, the disappointed swapper says she doesn’t need one. I really wish I could find a way to resolve this, tho. I hate it when people are disappointed. Thanx for the advice, guys, tho. Maybe you’re all right… swapping is risky.


Onto my pretty and quite loverly swap items, I suppose. Here are both my One Skein August package and my IYP3 first 1/2 of the package…

My One Skein upstream partner sent me a really cool all-natural cotton bath set – which is sooo funny, since I was just thinking last night that I really needed to knit more washcloths! She is SO psychic!! How cool is that?? I just love it! And, even cooler, the soap baggy is the perfect size for the shea butter soaps a friend made for us in exchange for our herbs. It was destined to be :D Now, all I have to do is find a really, really cool thank you card for my upstream pal. And, I have an idea for a little goody…

And, anyway, above the One Skein package is the first installment of my IYP3 Swap package from simplyfussfree. She made me snagless stitch markers – with matching earrings! They’re sterling silver with garnets, rose quartz and moonstones! Here’s a close up:

How utterly spoiled am I by my swap partners? See, this is why I feel guilty when someone is disappointed, I get it now… While I was pondering these things, and sending my Handspun Swap skein to knitwit, I made progress on the mitts. And, since we were in the right section of town, I dragged Mum to Goodwill. And, lookie lookie, what I found:

Seven sets of weird/ retro/ or vintage needles. Two of the pairs came in their original packages – with the original prices. Mum guessed that they were at least 30 years old to have been under $.70. Also in the bundle is an Imperial set, size 4 (US 10) and the cutest little green acrylics you’ve ever seen. Upon getting these home, I realised that I needed to organize my needles by size. Unbelievably, I still don’t have any size 2 US straights (amazing, since I have 4 sets each of 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s and 5’s), so they’re on my to-find list. I’d also like to find 10″ US 4’s and down. I love 10″-ers. Perfect for small things.

I have a million and one messages to respond to, and I feel a bit guilty. But, I’ve knocked down half of them. It would help if Dad would stop sending me every single article that interests him. This man needs a job worse than me, y’all. He doesn’t do well with “free time”.

Oh, frell, I need to update the Handspun Swap list… oy. Someone save me… (whine)

My CT scan is tomorrow. I hope they let me bring my knitting… they had better, if they know what’s good for them.

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