Okaaay, I managed to “stash-bust” today by sending Frew-Frew‘s skeins to her (it counts! it counts! it had better, anyway) – they’ll arrive in 2 – 3 days, so I’ll post my pix of them after they arrive. Now that Knitwit got her skeins from me, I can finally post a piccie:

that she took :D
the pink is merino/ bombyx, the middle is mixed + painted Romney, the cocoa is painted baby alpaca – from the dirtiest cria I’ve ever seen. OMG.

Anyway. There are 5 skeins out of my life. Even if I did spin them for a swap, it still counts as stash-busting, I am determined. I mean, I got rid of fiber in my stash…

But, of course, me being me, I took one step backwards upon reaching this goal. Dad and I ran back and forth across town today, on errands. So, we hit Goodwill and St Vinny’s. Oh, and the scary new Walmart Superstore. Dangerous. Here’s what I got:

But! Butbutbut, the yarn is for my Rya pillow for my Rya weaving class – it’s 100% wool Tapisserie yarn from Great Britain for needlepoint and tapestry weaving. I got each skein for 15 cents at St Vinny’s. Major woot! It matches my pillow better than any of the yarns in my stash, and it’s better spun for hard wear. The needles came from both stores. I got another cable circular for Emmos, a pair of Takumi bamboo US 7’s for 49 cents at Goodwill, and some heavy nickel plated steel straights in 1’s and 3’s. Perfect for lace. The Takumis will probably go to M, since I have too many straight 7’s anyway. Unless Emmos wants them?

I’m actually thinking of clearing out all my bamboo needles. Maybe. I don’t like how much they slow me down. I’m normally a very fast knitter, but wooden needles (except my Latern Moon’s, you’ll have to prise those from my cold, dead hands, y’all) bother me (ebony and rosewood can never bother me – I can just sit and pet them :D).

In other news, I started D’s blanket, I had thought I’d taken pix, but ohwell. I’ll post some laters. I’m making him a hexagonal blanky. So far, it’s going well.

Oh, and I am completely and utterly addicted to the music from the Tsubasa Chronicles. Give me a chorus anyday…


  1. I love my bamboos! I’m a process knitter, so I don’t care about being slowed down. I tried addi’s once and hated them. They make my hands hurt like mad!

  2. i am so freakin jealous of those of you who have access to goodwill. anyone know of anything in NYC coming even close to these amazing bounties? *sigh*

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