They are. Spiders, like cats, are attracted to people who either despise or fear them. Like me or my Mum. My brother and father never sport spider bites, but my Mum and I do quite frequently. I woke up yesterday with one on my forehead, ick. It’s definitely a spider bite by the two puncture marks and the surrounding redness. Fun. I’ve tried opening it with a hot washcloth, to ease some of the pressure, it didn’t help. I think I’m going to leave it alone.

Why did I bring this up? Because of the Unfairness of It All. My brother and dad are, to be frank, slobs. They’ve been working in the yard and their respective private areas are perfect for spiders. Do they ever get bitten? Nooo. Of course not. My father’s office is in the basement, for heaven’s sake. I think I’ve seen a spider in there once. I find them all the bloody time in my room. It’s not fair. Especially since I’m rather illdisposed to spiders.

Anyway. I needed to get that out. I hate spiders, a lot. And the thought of one crawling on my forehead gives me the creeps. And listening to my father go on and on about how interesting spiders are… yuck.

In knitting news, I am making progress on D’s blanky. I’m onto my 52″ Denise cord:

And nearly thru the first ball of yarn, only 2 more to go. Woohoo. In the back of my mind, I’m panicking slightly over the teensy-tiny possibility of not having enough yarn… but, it be okay. I’ll just keep insisting on it until it’s true. The yarn, btw, is my handspun – I know someone will ask. It’s the wild iris superfine merino 3-ply I spun a while back…

Oh, I’m also a bit whiny about the allergic reaction I’m having to something right now. My eyes and throat want to swell shut and I feel like someone filled my veins with lead. I took some Claritin. I hope it kicks in soon.

I think I might have to take my 2nd nap today in a bit.


  1. At first, I was worried as to which “private areas” you were referring. Then I figured out that you meant inside the house. ’cause you wouldn’t wish the other thing on anyone…

  2. we shan’t talk about spiders and spider bites ok? last year a friend posted a close-up of a spider (and i’ll admit her beautiful web) on his blog. i almost passed out from it, and i think i sprouted at least 3 bites just from that thought alone..

    while living at my mum’s partner’s house upon college graduation we discovered that somehow a nest of spiders decided to invade my room (not in the mattress, we’re still not exactly sure where they came in) and i would wake up covered in bites. did anyone else? no. not even mum who swells up crazy when mosquitos even think of invading the county… *sigh* hope it gets better soon!

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