… because I am unable to think of a proper title.

It’s 2 am, and I’ve nearly forgotten to post too many times tonight. I keep getting distracted by things like The Venture Brothers, etc. So, yeah, here’s a rather short post. Here are the One Skein mitts I made as my August secret package:

I also included a rubber ducky (mini) with a matching scarf. As part of my whole revealing my identity thing. yeah. it makes sense to me, sometimes.

tonight, the guild “meeting” went well. dinner was good and all. and then we hiked over to Washburne Park to listen to the Celtic Band (I am not joking, that is their real name) while we knit. I’ve made a bunch o’ progress on D’s blanky, but don’t have a pic. Here’s a pic of the concert:

Then I came home, napped because my allergies are killing me (moan), and succumbed to the desire to work on my Tempting II – now that that gauge is correct, I’m liking it. I need to think of prezzies for M and Emmos. Lord help me. Also, the baby is due this week. Must. finish. blanky.

Then I have to make one for the baby.



  1. Yay, rubber ducky!

    Do you ever get the urge to tell friends to stop schtupping so much because you can’t keep up with the baby stuff? I have totally felt that urge…

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